In the last 20 years, I have spent a lot of my time in the service of my photographic habit. I enjoy the process of taking and editing photographs to try to make captured images that match my vision. It is an on-going process is documented by this website.  As such, this website is essentially my photographic attic.  

If you are interested in engaging me for photographic work, please visit the website describing the my photographic services.  In a nutshell, I offer head shots, product photography, events photography and photo restoration.

If you want a more longitudinal view of what I have done and what I am doing, here are some tips to  help with exploring this site and its major features.

On each page of this site you will find a navigation bar under the website name "Alec Himwich Photography". These links which are summarized below provide access to important features of this site as well as links to photos of my current interests.

• home:  this is where you go when you go to when you enter "" in a browser . On this page you will see a slide show of some of my favorite images.

recent work: if you want to see what I have been up to recently this link will take you to the last work I have posted. It could be anything - dance, art, travel, head shots, sports, etc., click on this item.

•  about:  this page - a little about me, this website, and how to explore it.

• dance:  I love to photograph dance which seems to me to exhibit every aspect of what it means to be human.  Under this link you will find, additional links to folders of my studio dance and dance event photography.  In these two folders you will find portfolios of studio dance and dance event photography.

• portraits: some photos of people in a studio setting and others in a less formal setting.  

head shots: I love doing head shots as much as photography dance.  I enjoy the process of working with people in a studio to capture an image that suggests something about an individual personality.  This link will take you to a set of folders of head shots sessions as well as a portfolio of head shots.  

travel: a camera almost always accompanies me when travelling. The travel folder contains images from several extended trips.

browse:  if you want to just explore the range of things I photograph, click on this link to see to see images that fall in categories other than those highlighted by the previously identified links.  Here you can see my photographs of Arts and Crafts under this heading I have done a lot of work with hand tool woodworkers, e.g.,  the work of Elia Bizzarri and Bill Anderson.  You can also see under the Browse link my Photo Restorations a geeky pleasure that I have so far only applied to family photos.

contact:  click on this link to send me a note.  If you have a comment to make about my work or would like to engage me for photographic work.  

If you want to find out more about my life, please check out my  Facebook and  LinkedIn pages either by clicking on these links or on the Facebook and LinkedIn icons on each page below the navigation links.

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